Andy & Katie had a wonderful wedding here in Kansas City.  It was a rainy April day but they really embraced it and made it their own and had a wonderful time.  I’m having a hard time picking out my favorites, but here are a few:

Flournoy-W-004Flournoy-W-010Flournoy-W-025Flournoy-W-033Flournoy-W-042Ashley’s photo below:Flournoy-W-184
Flournoy-W-119Ashley’s photo below:
Flournoy-W-256Flournoy-W-187Flournoy-W-177Flournoy-W-193Ashley’s photo below:Flournoy-W-274Flournoy-W-195Flournoy-W-216Flournoy-W-338Flournoy-W-343Flournoy-W-406Flournoy-W-455Flournoy-W-533Flournoy-W-577Flournoy-W-634Ashley’s photo below:Flournoy-W-661Flournoy-W-647

Congratulations Katie & Andy!

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One Response to “Andy & Katie- Married in Kansas City”

  1. mo says:

    I love the chandelier shot… you always remind me that the details of weddings are ridiculously precious. I love it.